If you have pale or light skin and green or blue eyes, you may want to try light blond hair. Be careful with harsh techniques and chemicals, since light-skinned people often have sensitive skin and scalp. 

For light brown hair, green, grey, hazel, or brown eyes, plus, a healthy, brown or rosy complexion, you may prefer a light brown shade with blond highlights or blond ombre. Streaks of blond will make your light brown hair look exciting, natural, and beautiful. 

Medium and light brown hair will look good with warm honey blond shades, ombre, or highlights. Think of Fergie, Emma Watson, or Jennifer Lopez. 

If you have dark brown or black hair and bright brown eyes, probably blond hair is not your best choice: with your natural colors, you look exotic and special, and blond tresses may make you less iconic. Also, consider the texture of your hair; beware of combining bleaching and relaxers or permanent wave, the mix of the two harsh techniques may damage your hair or scalp. You may get light ombre or dark blond streaks in your dark hair, you may want to change just one or two shades; think of beautiful, elegant dark-haired women like Natalie Portman, or Anna Wintour.

Always consider your own natural beauty before you select a new hair color; you may want to ask professional advice from an experienced hairstylist. Plus, he can get you the result you are looking for, he knows all the coloring and styling techniques your hair type needs.

Luis Bonomo.